Why It's Important To Go Through Regulations When Dealing With Oilfield Refinery Turnaround

11 April 2022
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


If you have an oilfield company, eventually its equipment will need to be inspected and potentially repaired. This process falls under refinery turnaround, which is important to plan for in advance to save money and avoid delays. You should try to review the regulations for this process for the following reasons.

Avoid Impacting the Environment

If your company was careless about how oilfield refinery turnaround went, then oil gets around the wrong areas and thus does a lot of damage to the environment. You don't want this situation ever taking place because that's a PR nightmare that your company would have to face at some point.

You can make sure this refinery turnaround is eco-friendly by first going through regulations. They'll show you what to do at every stage to ensure the oil doesn't leak and subsequently get around areas it doesn't need to be. 

Keep Injuries at Bay

Another consequence of not following the rules when completing an oilfield refinery turnaround is exposing workers involved in this process to injury. There will be a lot of large oilfield equipment being broken down for shipment, and it's thus key to go through regulations for oilfield refinery turnaround before starting this process.

You should be able to find important safety protocols that can keep every worker safe from beginning to end. That might involve using specialized material handling equipment, performing daily site inspections, and ensuring your team is properly communicating when oilfield equipment is broken down and moved.

Worry Less Throughout the Turnaround

There are a lot of key things to manage during a refinery turnaround for oilfield equipment, but that doesn't mean you should be stressed the entire time. One of the best ways to find peace of mind throughout this process is to read up on all of the relevant regulations.

Then you won't have to fear your company coming under scrutiny by environmental agencies that monitor activities involved in an oilfield refinery turnaround. You know you're doing everything you're supposed to, whether it's using certain equipment or being very careful with how oil is handled. 

If you're about to go through with an oilfield refinery turnaround, one of the best things you can do before getting started is to read through the regulations that govern this process. Then you can get informed and thus decrease the number of obstacles that show up during this process.  

For more information, contact refinery turnaround management services near you.