Advantages Of Swiss Screw Machining For Cylindrical Components

7 October 2021
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


There are many different types of CNC machining processes today. If you're trying to make small or cylindrical products, Swiss screw machining is particularly advantageous. It offers the following benefits.

Small Part Customization Capabilities 

Typically, when smaller materials are involved, more complex fabrication is involved. That's because machines have to be even more precise since there is little room for error. Smaller components like screws won't be a challenge if you use Swiss screw machining as a fabrication technique.

This option is actually designed to support smaller components that would otherwise create stressful obstacles that you would have to face. You still need to design these smaller components correctly to truly benefit from Swiss screw machining, but for the most part, fabrication will be highly controlled the entire time. Even if you require complex customizations performed on smaller components, this type of machining can still deliver.

Ample Material Support

Not only can Swiss screw machining support tiny parts in a precise way, but it can also support a lot of different materials as well. That includes ferrous and non-ferrous metals. That's good news if you plan on working with a particularly unique material or just plan on using different materials in fabrication.

There will be a brief assessment period once you decide on a material. The company offering Swiss screw machining needs to verify you've made the right selection based on what you're looking to create coming out of this fabrication process.

Extreme Level of Control

It might seem like cutting smaller components might create added difficulties for machining operators, but that just isn't the case when Swiss screw machining is used. The CNC machines involved are very accurate with the cuts they make. They're aided by state-of-the-art technology.

You just need to specify what it is you want out of Swiss screw machining, whether it's a screw, bolt, or some other type of small cylindrical piece. The machinist will configure the Swiss screw machining equipment appropriately. They will also make sure your designs are refined to give you exactly what you want each time you utilize these services.

If you're looking for a highly refined machining process when trying to create cylindrical objects that are small in size, look at Swiss screw machining operations. They're geared perfectly to these special project requirements. You can get help from a company offering these services and then get exactly what you want in a reasonable amount of time. Contact a company that offers Swiss screw machining services to learn more.