Some Basic Information On Metal Stamping

10 August 2020
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Metal stamping is done in many different industries and on a lot of different types of materials. Each industry may have its own protocol for deciding which parts or items should be metal stamped. Here are some of the different benefits that can come with something being metal stamped: 

Metal stamping won't fade

When the information on an item is intended to remain on the piece for years to come, ink or stickers can be ineffective. Both of these mediums will come off as time goes on. However, when the metal has been stamped, the marks will still be able to be found and be readable many years from now. This is one of the reasons things like car frames, guns, and trailers are metal stamped. If these things are stolen, their serial number or identification number will be readable even if someone takes steps to conceal their original appearance. 

Metal stamping can be decorative

In some cases, metal stamping is done as a part of an item's design. Letters, numbers, or designs can be metal stamped into something in a way to give it its intended overall appearance. One example of this would be in regards to metal stamping the decorative parts of a metal piece intended to become an art piece for home decor. 

Metal stamping can still be seen after an item is painted

When something has been metal stamped in a deep-set, then the information can remain visible even if the item is painted. This can be important for items that are known for both being painted often and for being stolen. A good example can be seen in a bicycle. The frame of a bicycle is usually metal stamped with an identification number that the police can use to determine if the bike has been reported as being stolen. Some people like to paint their bikes any time they feel like a change. If it weren't for the number being stamped into the frame, the police would have a hard time helping them find their bike if they had painted it. 

Metal stamping can be convenient

Sometimes, metal stamping is done to make it easy to find the right piece someone needs. For example, wrenches are metal stamped with their size. This makes it so someone can grab the right wrench on the first time simply by reading the size. Otherwise, they would have to try several wrenches in order to hopefully find the one that is the right size.

For more information, reach out to a metal stamping manufacturer