5 Different Ways To Customize Your Plastic Tubing Order

27 July 2020
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


If you have plastic tubes that you need custom-created for your business, you are going to want to work with a custom plastic tubing manufacturing company to create the tubes for you. Beyond choosing the material you want for the tubes, there are many different customization options for your plastic tubing.

Way #1: Color Customization

When you are using tubing for a specific application, being able to customize the color of the tubing can be helpful.

Being able to customize the color of the tubing can allow you to assign different colors to tubes that will perform different applications in whatever your set-up is. You can control both the color and the opaque or transparent levels of the plastic tubing, depending on the materials you craft your tubing from.

Way #2: Custom Cutting

Sometimes you just need some long tubing, and other times you need tubing that is a specific length. If you need tubing that is cut to percide measurements, a custom tubing manufacturer can take care of that for you. 

They can provide you with the most accurate cuts possible, which will allow you to directly use the tubing in your application without having to cut it yourself, which can help reduce waste and save you money on your order as well.

Way #3: Formed Tubing

If you need tubing that is a specific shape, and not just straight, you can get formed plastic tubing made. Formed plastic tubing will allow you to customize the shape of the tubing, which should help to eliminate kinks in the tubing. Formed plastic tubing is also a more affordable customization option than injected molded parts.

Way #4: Coiling

If you are working with really long tubing, you may not want it to come to your packaged as one long, straight line of tubing. It is not realistic to ship straight plastic tubing that is twenty feet long, for instance, although you may need tubing that is that length.

With coiling, the cubing will be made so that the tubing can coil up, saving space when it comes to shipping and transporting the tubing. At the same time, you can still stretch out the tubing for whatever application you need to use the tubing for.

Way #4: Bonding

There may be applications where you need multiple plastic tubs that are connected together. With bonding, the tubing can be attached to one another. You can have the tubs bonded so that they never separate, or you can have the tubs bonded so that you can pull the tubes apart when needed without any residue being left behind from the process.

If you need custom tubing, a custom tubing manufacturer can do more than just provide you with tubes that are all made from a certain material. They can customize your order in more detailed ways. They can change the color, cut the tubes down to a specific length, form tubes with special angles, provide you with coiled tubing, or even bond the tubes together. Talk to a custom plastic tubing manufacture to discover all the different customization options available to you.