Are You Using The Right Metal Plating Solutions?

25 June 2020
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If most of your nails and other metallic products corrode or break, you could be using the wrong plating solutions for them. Nails and other metals can corrode at a faster rate if they lack the proper coating or plating. If your products are poorly made, you may lose the support of your vendors and customers. Learn how the wrong plating material or process can hurt your products and how the right plating solutions can save them.

What Plating Problems Should You Know About?

Plating is a process used to make metals stronger and more reliable before they enter the hands of vendors and customers. Plating involves finishing, coating, or bathing metals and other materials with thin layers of silver, gold, nickel, or another precious metal. However, not all plating materials last after fabrication.

Some plating materials may also lack the integrity to make metals strong. Weak plating materials may flake, break, or even corrode. The process techniques you used to coat your products may also be insufficient or lacking. The most common technique is electroplating. Although electroplating is one of the most unique methods used in modern metal finishing today, it won't work effectively if you use the wrong steps to coat your metals. While it's possible for you to correct the problems above, you may want to contact a supplier and have them plate your metals for you.

How Can You Strengthen Your Products?

A plating supplier will examine your nails and other metals to see why they corrode so quickly. If the materials you use to finish are insufficient or weak, a supplier will use something else, such as zinc nickel.

Zinc nickel is an alloy of zinc and nickel. Although nickel is a common coating material used in plating, the materials does have some weaknesses or problems. If you use the wrong plating steps or processes, nickel can experience decomposition, poor adhesion, and other problems. Zinc strengthens nickel and helps eliminate many of these issues during and after plating. 

A plating provider can take care of your metals for you, or show you how to complete the process properly. If you don't have time to learn the process or have access to zinc nickel or a similar coating material, go ahead and allow a provider to plate your metals for you. 

For more information on zinc-nickel plating or other strong and reliable plating materials, contact a supplier in your area.