Helpful Advice When Choosing A New Machine Spindle

11 May 2020
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


The spindle is one of the more important components of a machining tool. If the current one you have isn't in the best shape, it may be time to get a new one. Finding the right match will be a breeze if you utilize this advice. 

Select Optimal Size

Sizing is one of the more important attributes to get right with this new spindle selection. There are a lot of options, and getting even just a slightly bigger or smaller spindle can result in setup and performance issues later on.

You can avoid selecting the wrong spindle size by simply seeing what your machine tool is designed to support. You can either look up this information online or just take measurements of the current spindle on the machine. Once you have a tangible figure, you'll be able to choose the right size with ease. 

Assess Suppliers Carefully

So that you end up with a spindle that's durable and can hold up for a long time, you really need to spend time analyzing suppliers that offer spindles. There are a lot of them, but with some careful planning, you can find one that delivers exactly what you need.

Examine each supplier's inventory pages, seeing exactly what type of spindles they offer. You also want to see what type of quality they have, which you can do by going through client reviews. They'll paint an accurate picture of each supplier's inventory quality and longevity. If you see a lot of rave reviews for a particular supplier, working with them is a good idea. 

Get the Right Type

There are several different types of spindles you can purchase for machining tools today. Some of the most popular include belt-driven, air-driven, and electric spindles. Belt-driven spindles are ideal because of their lower cost, which is perfect if your budget is limited.

Air-driven spindles are coveted because of how long lasting and efficient they are. These features might be worth paying more for. Then you have electric spindles, which are ideal when you plan on working with fast speeds and need consistent and safe results every time.

If you rely on a machining tool every day, then you'll probably need to purchase a replacement spindle at some point. There are a lot of options available. Choosing the right unit won't be problematic as long as you know what you can afford and what will work best for your operations. 

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