Interested In Welding? The Personal Protection Equipment You Need To Invest In

7 February 2020
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Being able to weld is a highly useful skill. Learning to weld can open a wide range of careers to you within the industrial and construction industries. Regardless of if you intend to use your welding skills in a professional or personal capacity, it is vital you have the right safety equipment on hand to wear.

Personal Protection Equipment #1: Respirator

A respirator is designed to go over your face and cover both your mouth and your nose. A respirator will help filter out fumes as well as oxides, ensuring that you are only breathing the cleanest possible air into your lungs.

Personal Protection Equipment #2: Helmet

Second, you need a helmet. Welding helmets are designed to cover up your entire face. They cover the front and side of your face. Welding helmets have a protective eye shield on them as well. A welding helmet will protect your head from flying particles and hot sparks. It will help keep you from getting burned or damaged by the residue of your welding project.

Personal Protection Equipment #3: Goggles

Third, you need some welding googles. It is a smart idea to have goggles on hand even if you like to wear a welding helmet. You can wear goggles with some helmets, and if you ever want to raise your helmet up, you want to make sure your eyes are still protected.

Personal Protection Equipment #4: Heat Resistant Jacket

Fourth, you need to wear a heat-resistant jacket. A heat-resistant jacket will protect you from the intense heat and radiation that is created when you weld something.

Personal Protection Equipment #5: Insulated Gloves

When you weld, your hands are going to get very close to some extremely hot materials, which is why you need more than regular gloves. You need insulated gloves that will protect you from heat and burns while allowing you the flexibility to work.

Personal Protection Equipment #6: Rubber-Soled Safety Shoes

Finally, you need rubber-soled safety shoes. These shoes will not melt if something drops on them and will protect you from electric shock as well.

Welding skills give you access to some good-paying jobs. Regardless of where you work and do your welding, you need to make sure that you protect yourself. When you weld, you are working with extremely hot material and loud machinery that can cause some serious damage to your body, which is why you need to invest in proper protective wear.