Understanding The Basics Of Air Filtration For Your Industrial Facility

4 February 2020
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Industrial facilities are often prone to air contamination from the general operations in the building. It's important that you are attentive to the condition of the air in your building for this reason. Remember that the air in your facility is what your employees breathe, so you need to keep it clean. Here are a few reasons why you should consider a custom air filtration system for your building.

Protects Your Staff And Operations

When your facility's air quality is poor, your employees are likely to suffer all sorts of problems, from respiratory issues to general health struggles. This can lead to lost work time, reduced production, and generally low morale.

In addition, the accumulation of particles in the building can also put you at risk of combustion in some cases. Depending on what your business is responsible for, the particles in the air could be a safety risk. Filtration can help remove those particles and protect your business.

Preserves The Environment

Industrial facilities need to be focused on their environmental impact. When the air in your building isn't clean, the air you're releasing into the environment isn't either. Installing a custom air filtration system will help you to remove contaminants from the air that could negatively affect your environment. You'll be confident that your company is doing its part to protect the environment, which is also a great marketing tool if you're in an industry where your customers are environmentally conscious. 

Makes Maintenance Easy

Air filtration systems are not maintenance-free. You'll have filters that you need to replace on a regular basis. When you opt for an out-of-the-box filtration system, you can't be sure that it is going to be easy to maintain. You have no control over the design, so there's no telling how hard those filters will be to access.

With custom air filtration, you can have the system built to suit your company's needs. Consider the maintenance requirements as part of the design so that you can ensure simplicity. Put the filters in an area that's easy to monitor and access for replacement.

You may also want to consider designing a system that uses reusable filters so that you minimize the waste generated from your filtration unit. You can rinse the filters when necessary and then put them back into the system. This means less waste in the landfills.

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