Ways a Custom Commercial Welder Can Enhance Your Property

23 January 2020
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Commercial welding is pretty straightforward. Weld steel beams together to create a framework for a commercial building with multiple stories. Then weld plates to the sides or roof of the building if most of the building is going to be metal. However, there has always been custom commercial welding in the world, and it can be seen in buildings of amazing form.

If you are tired of the same-old, same-old where commercial buildings are concerned, take a look at what custom commercial welders can do if given the chance. 

Round and Round

Welding can take metal and bend it in new ways. Round is one way in which welding can alter the very cubed shape of the building trade. If you want a commercial building with softness or roundness to it or some overarching arches, this branch of the welding trade can achieve that. A structural engineer and an architect have to design the building, but then they leave specific instructions for the welders to make it happen. 


By angular, it is generally meant that there are some obtuse or acute angles, not the ninety-degree right angles of most other buildings. Creating a commercial building using these very different angles creates a more unique appearance and a first impression that most people are never likely to forget. The frame of the building may start with ninety-degree structure construction, but other structural steel pieces cut to fit and shaped to fit differently from the rest create that angular/triangular appearance. 

Combination of Geometric Forms

There are dozens of buildings the world over that have combined geometric forms. These buildings would not have been possible without a welder's workmanship. Granted, the credit often goes to the architect first, but without the custom welding contractor, the building would not exist. If you see some of these geometric forms, and you really like them, present them to your custom welder to see if they are willing to try to achieve these features in the building of your dreams. 

Finding a Custom Welder

There are many ways to add a unique touch to your structure. Custom welders often work on a freelance basis. They may even create original works of art from metal sculpture and welding in their free time. If you're ready to construct something artistic and functional, it's time to contact custom commercial welding services in your area. Just make sure they have experience for larger projects.