Have Industrial Shipping Needs But Wasting Money On Shipping Problems? Get Efficient With These Tools

16 January 2020
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


If you are shipping large machining components and heavy industrial parts or other similar items, it's important to have the right shipping methods. If you keep finding that your scale isn't accurate, your units sometimes get damaged, and shipping problems are reducing profits, it's time to make a change.

Shipping products should be a way to increase sales, not give you headaches and problems. Invest in the following things so you can ship these pieces efficiently.

Get an Industrial Scale

You want to get an industrial weighing scale that can accurately weigh everything that you must ship. Having an accurate weight can help you more accurately charge for shipping and set a budget for the shipping costs.

Get a scale that has a digital reader so there aren't employee errors when measuring. This unit can be calibrated over time to check for accuracy. Wide weighing platforms make it easy to weigh large and heavy items, and you can look at different sizes based on your exact product weighing needs. These will come with a warranty if you buy new, but you can save looking at used or refurbished options.

Change Shipping Products

Spending a little more on proper packaging materials can save you costs in other areas. If you invest in corrugated boxes, you can prevent damages to items while getting shipped and help keep the items dry. This prevents replacement costs and repairs for damaged items the buyers will expect you to pay. Talk with different shipping product manufacturers to see what items you need and how you can save your money buying in bulk.

Arrange Shipping for Discount Pricing

There are mailing services and shipping companies that will give you reduced rates on services and postage if you are ordering online and buying in advance. Find out what the average amount is monthly for your shipping costs and needs, and see how you can save by using a shipping pickup service instead of running to the local shipping locations every time you need to ship.

When it comes to shipping heavy freight boxes and large machining components and pieces, keeping shipping costs low is important if you want to keep profits high. Make sure it's worth your time to ship the items by spending the time to get accurate weights for the products that have to go out, packing them correctly, and finding the best postage deals for your needs.